Philip Coppel KC


Philip Coppel is a renowned commercial and administrative law King's Counsel practising from Cornerstone Barristers. Throughout his career he has acted for business and against businesses, for governments and against governments, at all levels and in all forms. He is equally at home in the Commercial Court as he in the Administrative Court. After spending 3 years in a large City firm, he moved to the Bar in 1994 and took silk in 2009. He deliberately fostered a wide practice area, better enabling him both to discern and to cover all the issues that disputes involve. Philip has long taken an interest in legal writing that complements his practice. Foreseeing the importance of the Freedom of Information Act, he wrote the leading practitioner text on the topic, Information Rights, Hart Publishing. First published in the year that the Act took effect, it is now in its 6th edition and is recognised as the leading practitioner text in the field. He regularly writes for Atkin's Court Forms on election law, evidence and torts. For Bloomsbury Publishing he contributed to Cornerstone on Councillors' Conduct and Cornerstone on the Planning Court. Reflecting his longstanding involvement in election law cases, he has written for Bloomsbury Publishing Cornerstone's Electoral Legislation 2016. This is the first comprehensive single-volume collection of the numerous laws governing the conduct of elections and referendums in the United Kingdom.