Personal Injury Damages in Scotland

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Personal Injury Damages in Scotland is now only available online as a standalone product or as part of the Scottish Law Service.

This content provides PI lawyers and claims companies with access to expert edited judgments with copious reference to case law.

Part I Remedies: Lump sum awards - final decrees for damages, orders for interim payments of damages; consent orders for periodical payments; provisional damages for personal injuries - awards of provisional damages, further awards of damages; interest on damages.

Part II Heads of claim for personal injuries: solatium; loss of earnings and pension rights - loss of earnings, loss of pension rights; outlays and expenses; injured person's services - necessary services, personal services.

Part III Heads of claim for death of relative: loss of society; loss of support; funeral expenses; deceased person's services. Appendices: Tables of multipliers - A Ogden tables; B PNBA tables; life tables; model structured settlement; recovery of benefits legislation - the Social Security (recovery of benefits) Act 1997, the Social Security (recovery of benefits) Regulations 1997; reported cases involving pecuniary claims - personal injury cases, death cases, index of lump sum awards for loss of future earnings; index of awards for services; reported cases involving non-pecuniary claims - personal injury cases, death cases, index of awards of solatium, index of awards for loss of society; judicial studies board guidelines.

Format: Online
Updated: Three times a year

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