International Tax Service

Bloomsbury Professional's International Tax Service gives subscribers access to a range of specialist commentaries which will help them address
issues regularly encountered by clients.

This content is written by some of the most respected tax authors in UK, including Jonathan Schwarz, Lynne Oats, and the Deloitte transfer pricing team. The commentaries have hundreds examples based on issues commonly encountered by companies involved in international tax transactions. The product also includes multi-jurisdictional guides on succession
laws, and the planning issues around offshore and onshore trusts.

The areas of international tax law covered include the following:

• Implementation of transfer pricing rules in multinational companies.
• The OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) initiative.
• Taxation of cross border services.
• The principles governing employees working temporarily abroad.
• The Automatic Exchange of Information rules

The full contents of this service includes:

-Global Transfer Pricing
-Booth and Schwarz on Residence, Domicile and UK Taxation
-International Tax and Investment Service
-International Succession Laws
-Automatic Exchange of Information Handbook
-Principles of International Taxation
-Planning and Administration of Offshore and Onshore Trusts
-Guide to US/UK Private Wealth Tax Planning
-Tax Treaties

Benefits of this service:

-Clearly laid out guidance with hundreds of examples based on issues regularly faced by companies and their advisers-Multi-jurisdictional coverage for those facing cross border succession planning and trust planning issues
-An overview of the tax regimes and the information needed to understand the fiscal regime in over 100 countries
-Full text of all UK double treaties
-Content written by some of the most highly respected tax authors in the -country
-A fast, reliable and intuitive platform, enabling users to quickly find the information they are looking for and share easily with colleagues and clients


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