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Trust Law International

Media of Trust Law International
Frequency: Quarterly
Type: Journal

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About Trust Law International

Trust Law International

Editors: David Pollard, Robert Chambers, James Brown, Kelvin Low, Adam Doyle, Matthew Conaglen and Man Yip

A well established quarterly journal with a mixed readership of academics and practitioners regularly featuring articles, case notes, case summaries and book reviews within the area of both UK and foreign trusts, whilst also embracing related areas such as charities and pensions.

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ISSN: 09622624
Format: Journal
Availability: In Print

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Contents From Previous Issues

Trust Law International 34.2 contents:

● Sale of Land and Personal Property: The Purchaser as Beneficial Owner?
Prof Mark Pawlowski and Dr James Brown
● Trustee’s Duties in the Teeth of an Anti-Bartlett Clause and Equitable Compensation
Jeremy Lam
● Applying Wednesbury Reasonableness to Legal Review of Trustee Discretions after Braganza and Pitt v Holt
David Pollard


Trust Law International 34.1 contents:

● Trust Property and Knowing Receipt
Jamie Glister
● Some Oddities of the Law on Age: So You Thought You Reached Age 21 on Your 21st Birthday?
David Pollard
● Japanese Law and the Global Diffusion of Trust and Fiduciary Law
Masayuki Tamaruya

Trust Law International 33.4 contents:

● Japanese Wealth Management and the Transformation of the Law of Trusts and Succession
Masayuki Tamaruya
● The Amendment of COSR Pension Schemes Between 1997 and 2016: Section 37 of the Pension Schemes Act 1993
Philip Stear
● Can Arbiters Resolve Conceptual Uncertainty Regarding Trust Beneficiaries?
David Wilde
● Owing Me, Owing You: Legal Issues Arising from the Overpayment and Underpayment of Occupational Pension Scheme Benefits
Paul Newman QC

Trust Law International 33.3 contents:

● Trust Registers and Transparency: A Step too Far?
Elizabeth Virgo
● English Commorientes and Joint Tenancies – A Fresh Look at Section 184 of the Law of Property Act 1925
Prof Mark Pawlowski and Dr James Brown
● From Waqf, Ancestor Worship to the Rise of the Global Trust: A History of the Use of the Trust as a Vehicle for Wealth Transfer in Singapore
Tang Hang Wu

Trust Law International 33.2 contents:

● Understanding and Reforming the Trustee’s Rights of Indemnity
Derwent Coshott
● The Rise and Potential Fall of Corrective Construction: The Implication for Pension Trusts
David E Grant
● Disclosure of and Execution against Interests in Discretionary Trusts: Mezhprom v Pugachev
Patrick O’Hagan


Trust Law International 33.1 contents:

● Fine-tuning FHR
Orestis Sherman
● Solving Defective Changes in Pensions and Commercial Trusts – Seven Potential Easier Fixes
David Pollard

Trust Law International 32.4 contents:

● Must an Occupational Pension Scheme Take into Account ESG Factors, Even if There is a Risk of Financial Detriment to the Pension Fund?
Philip Bennett
● Pension Fund Investment: Managing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Factor Integration
Randy Bauslaugh and Dr Hendrik Garz

Trust Law International 32.3 contents:

    • Is the Power to Appoint a Trustee a Fiduciary Power in the Hands of a Non-Fiduciary?
      Ryan James Turner
    • The Short-form ‘Best Interests Duty’ – Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: Part 2 – The Problems and a Suggested Better Formulation
      David Pollard

Trust Law International 32.2 contents:

    • The Scope of Common Intention Constructive Trusts: Where to Draw the Line?
      Hilary Biehler
    • Beneficial Powers, Divorce and Debt: A Comparative Analysis
      Patrick O’Hagan
    • Good Faith, Self-Denial and Mandatory Trustee Duties
      Charles Mitchell
    • The Short-form ‘Best Interests Duty’ – Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: Part 1 – Background, Cowan v Scargill and MNRPF
      David Pollard

Trust Law International 32.1 contents:

    • Tax Mistakes Post-Pitt v Holt
      Paul S Davies and Simon Douglas
    • Four Questions on Fiduciaries
      Sarah Worthington
    • AIB v Redler
      Lord Millett
    • Transferor’s Intention, Trustee’s Undertaking and the Scope of Fiduciary Liability
      Alvin W-L See

Editorial board

Editors: David Pollard, Robert Chambers, James Brown, Kelvin Low, Adam Doyle, Matthew Conaglen and Man Yip

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