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Written by an expert team of authors, this clear and comprehensive guide explains all the basic principles relating to Scots criminal law, taking account of ongoing changes in substantive law, including the continuing influence of human rights.

This well-established text is an essential reference source for both law students and legal practitioners and includes coverage of:

- developments in case law and statute reflecting the prominence of statutory offences
- analysis of the meaning of 'wicked' in the context of recklessness
- an examination of perjury
- reflections upon diminished responsibility
- the interaction between provocation and self-defence
- the continuing influence of the European Convention on Human Rights and related jurisprudence
- an analysis of how Scotland has sought to address the right to die issue and the age of criminal responsibility

The main common law and statutory offences are covered under the following sections:

- Offences against the person including homicide and sexual offences
- Social protection offences including the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and road traffic offences
- Property offences including theft, robbery, embezzlement and malicious mischief
- Offences against the state and administration of justice including contempt of court and interfering with the course of justice

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Table of Contents

Part I General Principles
1 The sources of Scots criminal law
2 Principles of liability
3 Strict liability offences
4 Corporate criminal liability
5 Causation
6 Parties to crime
7 Inchoate crimes
8 Defences
Part II Offences Against the Person
9 Assault
10 Homicide
11 Sexual offences
Part III Social Protection Offences
12 Social offences
13 Road traffic offences
Part IV Property Offences
14 Theft/Reset
15 Robbery
16 Fraud/uttering
17 Embezzlement/extortion and bribery
18 Malicious mischief
Part V Offences Against the State and Administration of Justice
19 Offences against the state
20 Offences against the administration of justice

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Published 19 Sep 2022
Format Paperback
Edition 5th
Extent 408
ISBN 9781526523327
Imprint Bloomsbury Professional
Dimensions 234 x 156 mm
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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Scots Criminal Law book cover
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Scots Criminal Law

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