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Constitutional Systems of the World

Series General Editors: Peter Leyland, Andrew Harding, Benjamin L Berger, Rosalind Dixon and Heinz Klug

In the era of globalisation issues of constitutional law and good governance are being seen increasingly as vital issues in all types of society. Since the end of the cold war there have been dramatic developments in democratic and legal reform, and post-conflict societies are also in the throes of reconstructing their governance systems. Even societies already firmly based on constitutional governance and the rule of law have undergone constitutional change and experimentation with new forms of governance; and their constitutional systems are increasingly subjected to comparative analysis and transplantation. Constitutional texts for practically every country in the world are now easily available on the internet. However, texts which enable one to understand the true context, purposes, interpretation, and incidents of a constitutional system are much harder to locate, and are often extremely detailed and descriptive. This series seeks to provide scholars and students with accessible introductions to the constitutional systems of the world, supplying both a road map for the novice and, at the same time, a deeper understanding of the key historical, political, and legal events which have shaped the constitutional landscape of each country. Each book in the series deals with a single country or a group of countries with a common constitutional history, and each author is an expert in their field.

"This superb series provides sophisticated and up-to-date introductions to the major constitutional systems of the world, accurately and clearly describing not only the current constitutional rules and structures, but also (and equally importantly) setting them in their historical and cultural context…There is no other series of guides quite like it" William B Ewald, Professor of Law and Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania Law School

"... ideal for undergraduate and introductory law school courses on comparative constitutional law" William E Butler, Journal of Comparative Law

"I just wanted to congratulate you on your series "Constitutional Systems of the World"… by including countries which normally don't get attention, you do a great service to a more modern comparative constitutionalism. I hope that this collection will grow!" Dr Jörg Menzel, Associate Professor, University of Bonn, Germany