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European and National Constitutional Law Series

General Editor: Monica Claes

The European Constitution is best perceived as a composite Constitution, comprising constitutional rules and principles developed at the European level, complemented by (common) national constitutional rules and principles, as well as those from other sources such as the ECHR and international law. Crucially, European and national law are involved in defining the content and form of European constitutional law.

EuNaCon (the ERC-funded European and National Constitutional Law project (2008 - 13)), was set up to investigate and advance understanding of the national component of Europe's composite Constitution. With those aims in mind the project team selected four key areas of national constitutional law in which traditions and principles could be analysed and compared. The insights obtained from this process of comparison were then used to formulate a better understanding of Europe's composite Constitution. The series consists of six books:
- Constitutional Review in Europe (Maartje de Visser)
- The Individual and Political Participation in the EU and its Member States (Viorelia Gasca)
- Parliaments and Governments (Lars Hoffmann)
- Territorial Pluralism in Europe (Nikos Skoutaris)
- Constructing European Constitutional Law (Monica Claes and Maartje de Visser)

The sixth volume by Monica Claes - Constitutionalising Europe - seeks to formulate a conceptual overview of the European Constitution that is firmly rooted in common constitutional principles and traditions set against the backcloth of constitutional diversity.

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