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Studies in Private International Law - Asia

Editor: Anselmo Reyes

Much is known about private international law rules of the European Union and the United States.  Less is known about conflict of laws in Asian jurisdictions.  Thus, little attention has been paid to reforms to private international law rules that have been taking place gradually over the last decade or so in a number of Asian jurisdictions.  This trend continues and now is the moment to take stock of reforms in particular Asian jurisdictions and to suggest ways of changing for a better future.

This series is not intended to be a mere survey of jurisdictions for practitioners.  Each volume also puts the conflict law rules on particular topics in relevant Asian jurisdictions into a comparative framework.  An underlying assumption is that, on a given matter, the applicable private international law rules in different jurisdictions fall into discernible patterns.  Each volume in the series identifies those patterns and discusses how the rules in the relevant jurisdictions are converging with, or diverging from, the patterns.  Such analytical framework will assist academics, judges, lawyers and legislators in Asia and elsewhere to envisage ways in which their conflict rules can be modernised.

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