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Statutory Nuisance

By: Robert McCracken QC, Gregory Jones QC, James Pereira QC
Media of Statutory Nuisance
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Published: 04-12-2019
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 4th
Extent: 768
ISBN: 9781526509598
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
RRP: £112.50
Online price : £101.25
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About Statutory Nuisance

Guiding you through each step, Statutory Nuisance takes you from initial assessment of a potential nuisance, through document drafting to the magistrates' court and beyond to the higher courts.

Clear, readable and user friendly this book provides lucid explanation, practical guidance and the primary materials needed in court - all in one handy volume. Accessible to the layman, yet illuminating to the experienced practitioner, this title expresses a view on the issues not yet resolved by the courts.

The new 4th edition covers the significant legislative changes such as:

- The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014
- Coventry v Lawrence [2014]
- Lorna Grace Peires v Bickerton Aerodromes Ltd [2016]
- Forster v The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government [2016]
- Cocking v Eacott [2016]

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Nature and Scope of Statutory Nuisance
Chapter 2 Duties and Powers of Local Authorities
Chapter 3 The Abatement Notice
Chapter 4 Challenging an Abatement Notice
Chapter 5 Criminal Proceedings under EPA 1990, section 80 for Breaches of the Requirements of an Abatement Notice
Chapter 6 Statutory Nuisance Proceedings Brought by an Individual
Chapter 7 Costs and Compensation
Chapter 8 Noise and Smell
Chapter 9 Other Powers Dealing with Problems Akin to Nuisance
Chapter 10 Other Environmental Regimes
Appendix A Forms and draft notices
Appendix B Material relating to statutory nuisance
Appendix C Material relating to magistrates' court, Crown Court and High Court proceedings
Appendix D Material relating to evidence
Appendix E Material relating to sentencing and costs
Appendix F Human rights
Appendix G Miscellaneous statutory material
Appendix H Guidance relating to noise, smell, lighting, insects and parking
Appendix I List of useful links


“For anyone involved in, or dealing with, statutory nuisance issues...Statutory Nuisance is a must have.” –  Review of 3rd edition, Student Law Journal

“simple, lucid, holistic...highly recommended [for] libraries, CABs and other sources of public information” –  Review of a previous edition, Environmental Law Foundation

“Comprehensive and very accessible...careful analysis of substantive law with clear practical advice...The style is refreshingly simple and there are clear explanations of legal terminology to assist the lay reader...a welcome handbook” –  Review of a previous edition, Solicitors Journal

“.. essential for anyone who has any involvement with the law relating to statutory nuisance. It is difficult to imagine any practitioner being able to function in this field without this exceptional repository of knowledge. It is highly recommended.” –  James Button & Co Solicitors

“The authors of 'Statutory Nuisance' should be heartily congratulated for writing such a formidable (the book runs to almost 800 pages including index), well-researched book, which deserves a place on the bookshelves, especially of those who have a practical interest in this area of law. While the book is mainly for the English practitioner, the book will also prove useful to a Scottish readership.” –  SPEL

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