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This title brings together the different aspects of the transfer landscape and outlines the separate rules, all in one accessible place. Data transfers (under data protection rules) are one of the most discussed areas of data protection, and are currently undergoing significant change. Data transfers are relied on as an essential function of national and international trade, business, and internet use. It is essential for practitioners to keep abreast of the new data transfer rules and changes for their clients. Following on from Brexit, professionals now have more than one set of transfer rules to comply with, including:

- The different data transfer channels
- New Adequacy Decision
- New Standard Contract rules
- New UK Contract rules
- Consultation process on future laws
- New proposed UK data laws
- Data law and data transfer changes
- Practical and commercial considerations

There are more UK data transfer channels and rules to consider now than at any time previously. The UK data transfer regime is now more complex than the EU data transfer regime, necessitating significant extra diligence by commercial entities. This book is designed to assist UK and international law professionals, in-house data protection professionals and a wide range of other interested readers on the increasingly complex area of data rules.

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Table of Contents

Part A:
Data Streams
EU – UK Data Transfer Steam (EU Data)
UK - International Data Transfer Steam (EU Data)
UK - EU Data Transfer Steam (EU Data)
UK - EU Data Transfer Stream (UK Data)
UK - International Data Transfer Steam (UK Data)
US – UK Data Transfer Stream (US Data)
UK – US Data Transfer Stream (UK Data)
International – UK Data Transfer Stream (International Data)
UK – International Data Transfer Stream (International Data)

Part B:
Data Transfer Rules
EU Rules
UK Rules
International Rules

Part C
Practice and Transfers
Legal and Business Certainty
Caselaw on Transfers and Transfer Rules
Standards and Vendors

Part D
Adequacy Rule
UK Adequacy Decision, Consultation, and Changes
Approved Contracts
Controller to Processor Contracts
Controller to Controller Contracts
Binding Corporate Rules
Individual Data Regulator Approvals and Safeguards
Research and Compliance Tools [eg UN].

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Published 13 Feb 2023
Format Hardback
Edition 1st
Extent 352
ISBN 9781526524843
Imprint Bloomsbury Professional
Dimensions 248 x 156 mm
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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