How to Master Negotiation

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How to Master Negotiation


How to Master Negotiation provides individuals with a guide of how to prepare themselves and others for a variety of negotiations; ranging from instantly recognisable transactions, such as deal negotiations, to the more intricate organisational and interpersonal negotiations that often give rise to conflict.

Over 12 chapters, How to Master Negotiation takes the reader through the concepts and practical skills that a negotiator needs. The book is highly practical with each chapter containing a relevant case study and practical tips in addition to theory and explanation of the concepts.

This title is included in Bloomsbury Professional's Mediation online service.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Preparing To Prepare: Laying out the roadmap to begin the negotiation process
Chapter 2: 'I Could Easily Walk Away, But What Are The Alternatives?': Understanding your options in a conflict negotiation through BATNAs and WATNAs
Chapter 3: 'Of Course I Am A Team Player … They End Up Seeing My Way … Eventually!': How to prepare your team for a negotiation
Chapter 4: 'I Never Let Emotions Get In My Way': Managing your emotions in negotiation
Chapter 5: 'I Really Want To Make An Impression': Opening with maximum impact
Chapter 6: 'Why Should I Be Flexible When You Are So Difficult?': Moving from your preferred style to an effective strategy
Chapter 7: 'But Why Would He Ever Tell Me The Truth?': The impact of trust in negotiation
Chapter 8: Avoiding Avoidance: How to negotiate when no one is willing
Chapter 9: 'I Know What I Want, So Why Can't You Just Give it To Me?': Identifying positions and interests
Chapter 10: 'But I Haven't Done Maths Since School!': Negotiating by the numbers
Chapter 11: Whose Line Is It Anyway?: Deploying creativity and improvisation in negotiation
Chapter 12: The Road Not Taken: Incorporating reflection, creativity and imagery into your negotiation practice
Chapter 13: 'We Are All The Same In The End Aren't We?': Managing cross-cultural negotiations
Chapter 14: Conclusion

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Published 24 Sep 2015
Format Paperback
Edition 1st
Extent 264
ISBN 9781780437965
Imprint Bloomsbury Professional
Dimensions 248 x 156 mm
Series How To...
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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