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Sport: Law and Practice

Editor(s): Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC
Media of Sport: Law and Practice
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Published: 11-03-2021
Format: Hardback
Edition: 4th
Extent: 2560
ISBN: 9781526509260
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
Dimensions: 248 x 156 mm
RRP : £295.00

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Loren Epson

About Sport: Law and Practice

Sport: Law and Practice, Fourth Edition is the leading legal title covering sports law and practice in the UK, and at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

It serves both as a comprehensive statement of applicable law and precedent, and as a very practical guide to circumnavigating a complex sector.

The new edition retains and updates all of the key chapters from previous editions, including the extended sections on challenges to the actions of sports governing bodies, and on anti-doping regulation and enforcement (with an introduction to the new 2021 World Anti-Doping Code). There are important updates to the chapters on Regulating Financial Fair Play, Misconduct, Safeguarding in Sport, the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and Media Rights and Sport.

The Fourth Edition also adds brand new chapters dealing with:

- Effective sports regulation (including the first ever comprehensive discussions of the 'general principles of law' applied by CAS panels in determining challenges to sports regulations, as well as of the principles of interpretation of sports regulations).
- Best practice in sports governance (describing developments such as the strengthening of the competence and independence of boards and the emergence of independent integrity units).
- Data protection law and sport (including discussion of the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018 that facilitate the sharing of data for integrity-related purposes).
- Exploiting sports data (explaining how sports rights-holders can fashion commercial agreements to meet the demand for sports data from the betting industry and others).
- ESports (the first comprehensive treatment of the legal and practical principles underlying the regulation and commercial exploitation of the increasingly important ESports sector).
Readers will also benefit from practice tips, precedent clauses, detailed explanations of key practical issues and step-by-step analysis.

This is an essential title for all sports law practitioners (solicitors and barristers, common law and civil lawyers), sports governing bodies, event organisers, clubs, participants, sports agencies and commercial partners, arbitrators, universities and students.

Table Of Contents

Part A. Governance of the Sports Sector
A1. Self-governance by sports governing bodies - Jonathan Taylor QC and Lauren Pagé
A2. Forms of organisation of sports governing bodies - James Maloney and Tom Bruce and Jon Walters
A3. Government intervention in the sports sector - Jonathan Taylor QC and Lewis Calder
A4. Data protection - Emma Drake
A5. Best practice in sports governance - Edwina Haddon and Jonathan Taylor QC

Part B: Regulating Sport
B1. Effective sports regulation: the basic principles - Adam Lewis QC , Jonathan Taylor QC and Charles Flint QC
B2. Selection - E. Riley and C. Stoner QC
B3. Misconduct - Kendrah Potts and James Eighteen and Stuart Tennant
B4. Match-Fixing and Related Integrity Issues - Iain Higgins, Adam Lewis QC , Jonathan Taylor QC and Tom Mountford
B5. Ownership and Finances - Nick Craig, Jonathan Taylor QC and Ravi Mehta

Part C: Anti-Doping Regulation and Enforcement - Adam Lewis QC and Jonathan Taylor QC
C1. Introduction to section
C2. The Anti-Doping Regulatory Framework
C3. Parties
C4. Preliminary considerations in bringing and defending a charge
C5. Burden and standard of proof at a hearing on the merits
C6. Article 2.1
C7. Article 2.2
C8. Article 2.3
C9. Article 2.4
C10. Article 2.5
C11. Article 2.6
C12. Article 2.7
C13. Article 2.8
C14. Article 2.9
C15. Articles 2.10 and 2.11
C16. Basic period of ineligibility
C17. Applying 10.2 and 10.3
C18. NFN and NSFN
C19. Aggravating factors
C20. Fixing ban within range
C21. Reductions for non-Fault reason
C22. Ban start date
C23. Disqualification of results and financial consequences

Part D: Disciplinary and Arbitral Proceedings
D1. Disciplinary and other internal proceedings - K. Gallafent QC, Christopher Quinlan QC and Adam Lewis QC
D2. The Court of Arbitration for Sport - M. Beloff QC, Dr S. Netzle and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Haas
D3. Arbitration in Sport - Iain Mill QC and Andrew Hunter QC

Part E: Challenges to the Actions of Sports Governing Bodies
E1. Introduction to section - Adam Lewis QC
E2. Actions of a sports governing body - Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC, Nick De Marco QC, and James Segan
E3. Identification of Cause of Action and Respondent - Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC, Nick De Marco QC, and James Segan
E4. Choice of forum for the challenge - Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC, Nick De Marco QC, and James Segan
E5. Public or private? - Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC, Nick De Marco QC, and James Segan
E6. The varying degree of review - Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC, Nick De Marco QC, and James Segan
E7. Grounds for review arising out of control of sport - Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC, Nick De Marco QC, and James Segan
E8. Contract - Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC, Nick De Marco QC, and James Segan
E9. Tort - Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC, Nick De Marco QC, and James Segan
E10. Common law restraint of trade - Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC, Nick De Marco QC, and James Segan
E11. EU and domestic competition law - Adam Lewis QC and Kennelly and Richards
E12. The EU free movement rules - Tom De la Mare QC and Ravi Mehta
E13. Human rights and sport - David Pannick QC and Paul Luckhurst and Celia Rooney
E14. Discrimination and sport - Emily Neill and Hollie Higgins
E15. Remedies - Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC, Nick De Marco QC, and James Segan
E16. Procedural aspects - Adam Lewis QC, Jonathan Taylor QC, Nick De Marco QC, and James Segan

Part F: Relations Between Clubs and Players/Managers
F1. Player and manager contracts - P. Goulding QC, J. Mulcahy QC and Diya Sen Gupta
F2. Players' agents - I. Lynam, J. Ellis, Adam Lewis QC and Nick De Marco QC
F3. Player transfers - S. Sampson, P. Limbert and Adam Lewis QC

Part G: Liability Arising out of Participation in Sport - Professor Mark James
G1. Civil liability arising out of participation in sport
G2. Criminal liability arising out of participation in sport -

Part H: Capturing the Commercial Value of Sport
H1. Proprietary rights in sports events/ambush marketing - Clive Lawrence and Phil Sherrell and Tristan Sherliker
H2. Venues and events management - Paul O'Dowd
H3. Broadcasting and New Media - Morris Bentata and Craig Giles
H4. Sponsorship - Craig Giles and Rob Turner
H5. Image rights - S. Boyd and F. Reeve
H6. Merchandising and licensing - Clive Lawrence
H7. Hospitality - Warren Phelops
H8. Exploiting sports data - Andy Danson and Lizzie Dunn

Part I: Tax Issues in the Sports Sector - Ben Elliott
I1. Taxation of sports organisations
I2. Tax and financial planning for individual athletes

Part J: ESports - Will Dellar and Richard Bush


“No self-respecting Sports Lawyer, therefore, should be without a copy of this fine Book!” –  Prof Dr Ian Blackshaw, International Sports Lawyer, Academic, Author, Global Sports Law and Taxation Reports (Review of previous edition)

Sport: Law and Practice remains the most comprehensive text for UK sports law...I expect to see this excellent book on sports law practitioner shelves up and down the country” –  Kevin Carpenter, Solicitor, Sport, Media and Entertainment, Hill Dickinson LLP, Sport and Law Journal (Review of previous edition)

“This volume deserves a place not only in the libraries of law schools, universities, and law firms, but also in an easily accessible position on the shelves and desks of individual sports lawyers, solicitors, barristers, leaders of governing bodies, sports agencies, and clubs, and in the libraries of commercial actors invested in sports, around the world...I must give this volume two thumbs up, way up” –  Jeffrey Benz, Law in Sport (Review of previous edition)

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