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The UK and EMEA Corporate Counsel Handbook

By: Walter Thomas, Robert Grimes
Media of The UK and EMEA Corporate Counsel Handbook
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Published: 29-11-2019
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 656
ISBN: 9781526509512
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
RRP: £144.00
Online price : £129.60
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About The UK and EMEA Corporate Counsel Handbook

A unique and invaluable aid to corporate counsel, and other legal advisors, to guide corporate response and decision making, presented with ease of accessibility and a practical, pragmatic focus. It is a first port of call for those charged with advising their key business leaders on difficult and disputed legal issues that engage and tax the board room.

It presents the legal considerations implicit in the business functional areas common to commercial practice, be it sales, productions, marketing, human resources, finance and accounting etc, and additionally explores some of the following topics that are typically top of corporate counsel agenda:

- Commercial Contracting, with particular emphasis on the risks of Agency and Distribution arrangements in EMEA
- Regulatory and Legal Compliance considerations across EMEA
- Product compliance
- Advertising and Promotion within EMEA
- Geo-Political Legal Considerations

It also includes helpful chapters on the topics of Company Secretariat obligations, geopolitical legal considerations in EMEA and the emerging field of Islamic commercial and legal interface with local law.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Part 1 Regarding the 'Business of the Business'
Chapter 2 Selling in EMEA
Chapter 3 Agency and distribution agreements
Chapter 4 Advertising and promotion
Part 2 Regarding Humans: The Heartbeat of the Business
Chapter 5 Human resources
Part 3 Regarding the Governance of the Business
Chapter 6 Accounting and the law
Chapter 7 Anti-corruption
Chapter 8 Anti-money laundering
Chapter 9 Antitrust and anticompetitive practices
Chapter 10 Communications compliance
Chapter 11 Data protection in the EMEA
Chapter 12 Environmental, social and governance
Chapter 13 Product compliance and related issues
Chapter 14 Transparency and fairness in supply chains
Part 4 Regarding Geo-political Upheaval and the Business
Chapter 15 Geo-political considerations for corporate counsel – Brexit
Part 5 Regarding the Future of the Business
Chapter 16 Future challenges and opportunities
Part 6 Regarding any other Business
Chapter 17 Primer in trusts
Appendix A EU controller to non EU/EEA processor – standard clauses
Appendix B EU controller to non EU/EEA controller – standard clauses
Appendix C EU controller to non EU/EEA controller – standard clauses
Appendix D Specimen CCTV policy – EMEA
Appendix E Specimen AML policy – EMEA
Appendix F Specimen third party due diligence policy – sanctions screening policy – EMEA
Appendix G Specimen modern slavery/transparency in supply chains statement
Appendix H Specimen competition policy – EMEA
Appendix I EU Preparedness Statements on Brexit*
Appendix J Types of undertakings to which the accounting directive applies

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