Richardson and Clark: Sexual Offences A Practitioner's Guide

Richardson and Clark: Sexual Offences A Practitioner's Guide cover

Richardson and Clark: Sexual Offences A Practitioner's Guide


Richardson and Clark: Sexual Offences A Practitioner's Guide is an authoritative, practical handbook on the law relating to sexual offences.

Covering the 70+ sexual offences currently on the statute books, each is dealt with individually by addressing the elements the prosecution must prove, potential defences, likely issues, jurisdiction and sentence. Charts and flow diagrams allow quick access to information during crucial time-sensitive situations, such as the post-arrest questioning of the accused, preparatory hearings and the trial itself. Case preparation checklists and draft indictments as well as guidance on Sexual Offences Prevention Orders, sex offender notification, representing defendants charged with indecent or extreme image offences and key evidential issues arising in sex cases are all covered.

Richardson and Clark: Sexual Offences A Practitioner's Guide is aimed at the busy criminal practitioner and provides easily accessible reference material and practical advice.

Table of Contents

Part A Concepts: Chapter 1 Consent; Chapter 2 Sexual; Chapter 3 Penetration; Chapter 4 Intoxication; Chapter 5 Position of trust; Chapter 6 Brothel and prostitution; Chapter 7 Age;

Part B Sexual Offences Act 2003 offences: Chapter 8 Non-consensual penile penetration; Chapter 9 Other non-consensual sexual offences; Chapter 10 Child sex offences (under 13); Chapter 11 Child sex offences (under 16); Chapter 12 Child sex offences: abuse of position of trust; Chapter 13 Familial child sex offences; Chapter 14 Offences against persons with mental disorder impeding choice; Chapter 15 Sexual offences involving inducements, threats or deception to person with a mental disorder; Chapter 16 Sexual offences by care workers against persons with a mental disorder; Chapter 17 Exploitation and trafficking; Chapter 18 Preparatory sexual offences; Chapter 19 Sex with an adult relative; Chapter 20 Miscellaneous sexual offences; Chapter 21 Breach of requirements and orders;

Part C Other statutory and common law offences: Chapter 22 Indecent photographs of children; Chapter 23 Child abduction; Chapter 24 Prostitution; Chapter 25 Public indecency; Chapter 26 Pornography; Chapter 27 Protection of children and vulnerable persons;

Part D Repealed offences commonly encountered in historic sex cases: Chapter 28 Sexual Offences Act 1956; Chapter 29 Gross indecency with a child;

Part E Topics: Chapter 30 Police station attendance; Chapter 31 Jurisdiction; Chapter 32 Bail; Chapter 33 Public interest immunity: information held by third parties; Chapter 34 Case preparation checklist – prosecution; Chapter 35 Case preparation checklist – defence; Chapter 36 DNA evidence; Chapter 37 Medical evidence and toxicology; Chapter 38 Computer interrogation and analysis of images; Chapter 39 Evidence; Chapter 40 Historic sex cases and abuse of process;

Part F Sentencing and orders following conviction: Chapter 41 Sentencing guidelines; Chapter 42 Extended and life sentences; Chapter 43 Notification and notification orders; Chapter 44 Sexual offences prevention order (SOPO); Chapter 45 Foreign travel order (FTO); Chapter 46 Risk of sexual harm order (RHSO); Chapter 47 Bars from working with children and vulnerable adults; Chapter 48 Sentencing in historic sex cases;

Part G Appendices: 1 Specimen indictments; 2 Sexual Offences Act 2003: Elements of the main offences; 3 Police station materials; Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, ss 62 and 63; Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, s 34; 4 Specimen sexual offence prevention order; 5 Serious and specified offences under the Criminal Justice Act 2003; Schedule 15, Part 1; Schedule 15, Part 2; Schedule 15B, Parts 1 and 2; 6 Schedules to the Sexual Offences Act 2003; Schedule 3; Schedule 5.

Product details

Published 30 Jul 2015
Format Ebook (Epub & Mobi)
Edition 1st
Extent 350
ISBN 9781780436654
Imprint Bloomsbury Professional
Series Criminal Practice Series
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing

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