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Scotland's Constitution: Law and Practice

By: Chris Himsworth, Christine O'Neill
Media of Scotland's Constitution: Law and Practice
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Published: 10-03-2021
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 4th
Extent: 560
ISBN: 9781526509550
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
RRP: £63.00
Online price : £56.70
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About Scotland's Constitution: Law and Practice

A clear, comprehensive account of Scottish constitutional law within its UK and European context.

It describes and analyses constitutional arrangements while integrating that analysis with a general background to constitutional law and the UK institutions which have a continuing relevance for the government of Scotland.

This highly regarded text considers law-making powers for Scotland, the legislative process at Westminster and at Holyrood, the accountability and scrutiny of government, the independence of the judiciary and the role of the courts in interpreting and adjudicating upon constitutional and administrative law questions.

The fourth edition has been fully updated throughout and includes:

· An update on the Scottish devolution settlement, including the changes made by the Scotland Act 2016 in the field of social security.

· A new chapter covering the Brexit referendum, the withdrawal negotiations between the UK and the EU and Brexit litigation - with a particular focus on Brexit's impact on Scottish constitutional arrangements.

· Coverage of new case law since the last edition in the area of judicial review and specifically on devolution.

Table Of Contents

1 Constitutions and Constitutional Law
2 Constitutional Law and Constitutional Values
3 The Scottish Constitutional Context
4 The Scottish Independence and European Union Referendums
5 The UK and Scottish Parliaments: The Institutional Framework
6 Law-making Competences for Scotland
7 The UK and Scottish Governments
8 Local Authorities and other Public Bodies
9 Law-making Procedures
10 The Parliamentary Accountability of Government
11 Public Finance
12 Courts and the Independence of the Judiciary
13 Citizen and State
14 Public Law Adjudication

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