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Youth Court Guide

By: Pakeeza Rahman, Tony Rendell
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Published: 30-06-2017
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 6th
Extent: 504
ISBN: 9781784516963
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
Series: Criminal Practice Series
RRP: £76.50
Online price : £68.85
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About Youth Court Guide

The Youth Court Guide is the definitive legal handbook for practitioners involved in the youth court. It provides an in-depth knowledge of the youth court system, as well as the fundamental principles and day-to-day practice that pertain to it, with direction on every stage of youth justice.

This new edition brings the work fully up to date ensuring it remains a first port of call text providing guidance on practice and procedure with ease and clarity.

It takes account of developments that have impacted on practice and procedure since the fifth edition and revisions include updates to sections covering:

Cautions, restorative justice;
Separation from adult courts;
Youth gang injunctions;
Youth behaviour order changes;
DVPOs (domestic violence protection notices);
Criminal procedure rule changes and development of case management practice - new form, disclosure review, special measures, ground rules;
Sentencing council allocation guidelines where youth charged with adult;
Breach of YROs (youth rehabilitation orders);
Fines, victim surcharge criminal courts charge;
Committal for sentence;
Referral orders;
More in depth guidance on sex notification requirements (sex assault on other youth);
Re organisation of youth offending services also mental health services;
Case update including sentencing cases.

Chapters follow the sequence of criminal proceedings from the use of diversions, cautions and arrests through to trial, sentences and appeals. Personal insight is provided through explanations from the 'hands on' experience of both authors.

The work contains central sections on venue, remand and sentencing for daily reference and focuses on practical solutions rather than academic debate. It also includes a separate chapter looking at difficult areas and legal issues and contains simple flow diagrams to help understand and follow remand powers and venue provisions. A quick guide to sentencing orders is also included.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Before charge
Chapter 2 Prosecution and the constitution of the court
Chapter 3 Attendance at court
Chapter 4 The Youth Court and Human Rights Act
Chapter 5 Venue of proceedings
Chapter 6 The Youth Court hearing
Chapter 7 Adjournments and remands
Chapter 8 Referral orders, deferment of sentence, discharges, reparation orders and financial orders
Chapter 9 Youth rehabilitation orders
Chapter 10 Custodial orders
Chapter 11 Breach, revocation and amendment of youth rehabilitation orders and reparation orders
Chapter 12 Additional powers and ancillary orders in the Youth Court
Chapter 13 Common problems in the Youth Court
Chapter 14 Criminal behaviour orders, anti-social behaviour injunctions and youth anti-gang injunctions in the Youth Court
Chapter 15 The mentally disordered juvenile
Chapter 16 Appeals
Appendix A Magistrates' Courts (Children and Young Persons) Rules 1992 (SI 1992 No 2071)
Appendix B The Justices of the Peace Rules 2016 (Extracts relevant to Youth Courts)
Appendix C Criminal Procedure Rules 2015 (Current as at April 2017)
Appendix D Code and legal guidance for Crown Prosecutors
Appendix E Sentence Rehabilitation Periods for under 18s
Appendix F AssetPlus
Appendix G Maximum fines
Appendix H Sentencing orders guide
Appendix I Sentencing Council: Sentencing Children and Young People
Appendix J Sentencing cases compendium
Appendix K Justices' Clerks' Society guidance on breach of YRO
Appendix L Allocation: Sending for Trial and Committal for Sentence Suggested step by step approach
Appendix M Sexual Offences in the Youth Court

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