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365 Daily Advocacy Tips

By: Leslie Cuthbert
Media of 365 Daily Advocacy Tips
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Published: 21-05-2015
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 392
ISBN: 9781780438320
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
Dimensions: 216 x 138 mm
RRP: £29.00
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About 365 Daily Advocacy Tips

This book is a good idea…What I like is there will be one idea every day – and only one. Your mind will not get jumbled. Think on what you read…. Some ideas you will like. Others may not work for you. With advocacy, this is always the way. But the point is to try things out – one day at a time.”
Iain Morley QC, author of The Devil's Advocate, from the Foreword to 365 Daily Advocacy Tips

365 Daily Advocacy Tips is packed with pithy, serious, amusing, and thought-provoking tips for each day of the year, from a refreshingly diverse range of sources. Providing a fascinating insight into the principles of good advocacy, it also contains essential knowledge of related topics such as how people make decisions, indicators of credibility and the 'rules' of argument and rhetoric.

Unlike most texts on advocacy 365 Daily Advocacy Tips provides an insight to psychology and how to break down the rules of argument and rhetoric. It also covers acronyms to help remember techniques, useful quotes from history and literature that can be used in cases and references to other texts both legal and non-legal.

Lengthy and studious volumes of advocacy have their place, but sometimes just one morsel of advice is needed to change an entire day's work. This calendar of tips and tales from the world of advocacy will prove an able companion for every advocate serious about continuous and incremental improvement in their knowledge, skill and practice.

Table Of Contents

The mechanics of advocacy
Questioning: Examination-in-Chief/
Direct Examination
Questioning: Cross-Examination
Decision Makers
Trial Strategy
Constructing Arguments,
Rhetoric and Submissions
Useful quotes
Resources to improve your advocacy


“...the concept is brilliantly executed, taking the reader from concepts such as preparation and psychology, to the inevitable words of wisdom on examination in chief and cross-examination, onto trial strategy, argument construction, useful quotes and ending with resources to improve your advocacy.” –  Crimeline

“365 Daily Advocacy Tips reminded me that [advocacy] is not just an art, but a science too...For the experienced advocate, 365 Daily Advocacy Tips returns them to the classical roots of their work, re-explaining rhetoric and the psychology that underpins their everyday craft...Leslie Cuthbert's book urges one on to improvement...Highly recommended.” –  Mitch Cohen, The Law Society

“...if advocates new and old were to take on board even a handful of the tips, courts would be better places...this book is not designed to be prescriptive; rather, it is thought-provoking...frankly, it would be only the most conceited individual who did not learn something useful.” –  Robert Bryan, Law Society Gazette

“The beauty and surprise in this book is that one is not swamped with words, giving one space to stop and think...This book is a very sensible purchase for solicitors and barristers and I do recommend it.” –  Sally Ramage, The Criminal Lawyer

“a the book and consult it repeatedly.” –  Stephen Walker, SCMA Newsletter

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