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FAQs for Mediators

By: Stephen Walker
Media of FAQs for Mediators
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Published: 16-11-2017
Format: Paperback
Edition: 1st
Extent: 392
ISBN: 9781526500854
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
Dimensions: 248 x 156 mm
RRP: £60.00

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About FAQs for Mediators

FAQs for Mediators provides the answers to 50 common ethical, practical and technical problems faced by mediators. It presents the key mediation practice points in an easy to use Questions and Answers format.
All the questions have arisen out of actual mediations and cover a wide range of topics including:

Impartiality – When you arrive at the mediation you suddenly realise that you know one of the parties/their lawyers. What do you do?

Joint Opening Sessions – One side wants a Joint Opening Session the other doesn't. What do you do?

Bad behavior – One party is secretly recording what is going on in the mediation. What do you do?

Offers – Neither side will make an offer. They both say they want to hear from the other side first. What do you do?

Covering all mediation stages, 'Pre-mediation', 'At the mediation' and 'The End of the Mediation and After', each entry includes:

· The core issues pertinent to each of the questions that need to be considered.
· Case studies illustrating the question and putting it into a real life setting. All the cases studies are authentic, anonymised, true life examples of problems you can face at any time as a mediator.
· The ethical, legal, procedural and commercial issues highlighted and explained in straightforward language.
· Advice on options that are available to you. Proven tips that you can use immediately in your mediation practice. Supported by checklists and sample emails, scripts and templates.

Helpful cross-references to cases, protocols, codes of conduct and precedents are also included.

Written in a user friendly style for both non-lawyer and lawyer mediators FAQs for Mediators will increase your confidence in handling the dilemmas and problems all mediators face. If there is one thing that all mediators need it is confidence!

Table Of Contents

Part 1 Pre-mediation
Part 2 At the mediation
Part 3 End of the mediation and after
Appendix 1 SCMA Guidelines for Lawyers in Mediations
Appendix 2 Mediation Record Form
Appendix 3 Mediation Terms and Conditions

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