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Setting Up in Business as a Mediator

By: Stephen Walker
Media of Setting Up in Business as a Mediator
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Published: 30-01-2020
Format: Paperback
Edition: 2nd
Extent: 352
ISBN: 9781526511324
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
Dimensions: 248 x 156 mm
RRP : £85.00

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About Setting Up in Business as a Mediator

You want to be a mediator, but how do you get started? How do you build your business? How do you make money from being a full-time mediator?

Setting Up in Business as a Mediator provides you with the answers to these questions.

Whether new to mediation and wanting to start a business as a full-time mediator, or an experienced mediator wanting to develop and grow an existing business, Setting Up in Business as a Mediator has hands-on advice for every stage of a mediator's career and is full of essential information on how mediators can get started in business and grow their existing practice.

Restructured, revised and fully updated the new 2nd edition shows:

- How to become accredited
- How to find a market
- The secrets of a good profile
- Hints for great blogging
- How to set up a website
- The best times to tweet
- What not to post on LinkedIn and Facebook
- How to overcome objections and rejection

Packed with helpful tips and guidance, checklists, self-audits, templates, scripts and real life examples, this book aims to get mediators thinking, prompting answers to the following questions, and more:

- Why are they doing mediation?
- How many mediations a year do they want to be doing in three years' time?
- How much money, time and effort do they need to invest to get there?
- What do they need to charge?
- Why would they choose themselves as a mediator?

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: What are you getting into?
Chapter 2: Accreditation
Chapter 3: Know yourself
Chapter 4: Know your product
Chapter 5; Know yours market
Chapter 6: Who can help you?
Chapter 7: Business plan
Chapter 8: Marketing and profile`
Chapter 9: Selling - the necessary mindset
Chapter 10: Selling - the necessary skill set
Chapter 11: Making a noise
Chaoter 12: Money
Chapter 13: Administration
Chapter 14: Mediation Agreement
Chapter 15: Settlement Agreement
Chapter 16: Online Dispute Resolution
Chapter 17: Help, I've got a mediation
Chapter 18: What next?


“This book is exactly what I needed 15 years ago, and with it, I would possibly now be a very successful full-time mediator instead of a full-time forensic accountant who flirts with mediation. With this book, anyone who is determined to become a successful mediator has all the guidance and all the tools needed...use it well, and things most certainly will happen. I heartily recommend it.” –  The Expert & Dispute Resolver, Review of previous edition

“Unique in being both really practical and truly inspirational, the book offers hope and guidance to mediators at every stage of their career, whilst giving a good idea of the time, money and effort involved if you are going to succeed.” –  Law Society Gazette, Review of previous edition

“...packed full of information and guidance as to the nuts and bolts of setting up a mediaton business...[it is] a very useful guide for anyone considering beginning or improving a mediation business; it covers a range of business essentials in an engaging way, with a mediator's perspective throughout” –  Bookshelf - Civil Engineering Surveyor, Review of previous edition

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