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How to Master Commercial Mediation

By: David Richbell
Media of How to Master Commercial Mediation
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Published: 02-07-2015
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 400
ISBN: 9781780436838
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
Series: How To...
RRP : £76.50

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About How to Master Commercial Mediation

“Incontrovertibly the most important book on mediation published in English in recent years (possibly EVER?)” Hew Dundas, Former President of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

“Great attention to detail, bringing together a life time experience! I will certainly be recommending it to people in Ireland who come on my training courses.” Geoffrey Corry, Mediator and Trainer

“Put simply, it is a masterpiece.” John Sturrock, Core Solutions Group

David Richbell is ranked fifth, internationally, in the top ten “Most Highly Regarded Commercial Mediators" by Who's Who Legal 2014

How to Master Commercial Mediation guides commercial mediators through every stage of their development, from novice to the aspirational standards of the master mediator.

Moulding, maturing and mastering
Split into three sections, this new title covers the essential skills and processes of effective commercial mediation for three levels of competence: Moulding for novices; Maturing for practising mediators and; Mastering for those who are at the top and wish to maintain their excellence.

Section one covers basic skills and process. It includes a case study that covers each phase of a typical mediation, and also covers typical challenges that may be encountered.
Section two builds on these basic skills and covers psychology in mediation, specialist sectors, ethics and intercultural mediation.
Section three looks at the personal and external development needed for mediators to become experts in their field. It includes contributions from mediators in every European jurisdiction describing the state of mediation in a particular jurisdiction and its place within that respective legal system as well as discussing further intercultural skills. It also looks at skills beyond mediation that can be used to help in dispute resolution.

Written by an experienced commercial mediator with specialist contributions from other renowned mediators How to Master Commercial Mediation is filled with expert, practical advice and tips. It also includes bullet point summaries, checklists, scripts of actual commercial mediations together with questions and answers.

Table Of Contents

Part 1 Moulding:
Chapter 1 Introduction;
Chapter 2 The Core Skills;
Chapter 3 Case Study;
Chapter 4 Preparing Stage;
Chapter 5 Opening Stage;
Chapter 6 Exploring Stage;
Chapter 7 Negotiating Stage;
Chapter 8 Concluding Stage;
Chapter 9 Setting Up a Mediation Practice;
Chapter 10 An Overview of the English Legal System;
Appendix 1 Responses to Mediator Challenges;
Appendix 2 Recommended Reading List
Part 2 Maturing:
Chapter 1 Introduction;
Chapter 2 Psychology in Mediation (Paul Randolph);
Chapter 3 It's All About Relationships (David Richbell and Henry Brown);
Chapter 4 Intercultural Mediation: The Fundamentals (Joanna Kalowski);
Chapter 5 Further Communications Skills (Jane Walmsley);
Chapter 6 Sector Specialisms;
Chapter 7 Learning from Other Mediation Disciplines;
Chapter 8 Analysing risk (Elizabeth Jones QC and John Clark);
Chapter 9 Mediation ethics (with Michel Kallipetis QC);
Chapter 10 Achieving Excellence – a Delicate Balance (Heather Allen);
Chapter 11 Conclusion (David Richbell) 347
Part 3 Mastering:
Chapter 1 Introduction;
Chapter 2 The Route to Mastery;
Chapter 3 From Mastery to Incompetence;
Chapter 4 Trust, Truth, Love and Forgiveness (or rather Greed, Lies, Hatred and Revenge);
Chapter 5 Mediator Bias (Paul Gibson);
Chapter 6 Intercultural Mediation: A Digest of Theory and Practice (Joanna Kalowski);
Chapter 7 One Continent, Many Methods (introduction by Bill Marsh);
Chapter 8 Use of Interpreters in Mediation (Xiaohui Yuan);
Chapter 9 Enhancing the Political Process (John Sturrock);
Chapter 10 Beyond Mediation (Tony Willis);
Chapter 11 Standards and Regulation;
Chapter 12 What We Do Changes the World (with Stephen Ruttle QC)


“...a unique approach to a diversity of national mediation cultures is achieved under one single roof...Richbell and his 86 contributors have aimed high and taken on a considerable challenge, and they have handled it with grace and insightfulness. This work thus provides mediators, counsel and arbitrators alike with a useful and important new guide which can and should be taken up with enthusiasm at the beginning of one's next dispute resolution exercise.” –  Richard Kreindler, Dispute Resolution International Vol 10 No 2, October 2016

“...a truly excellent new book...Put simply it is a masterpiece.” –  John Sturrock, Core Solutions Group, Mediation Mastery

“I am pleased to recommend “How to Master Commercial Mediation” by David Richbell...While much of the book is written by David himself (unquestionably one of England's most highly-regarded mediators), there are significant contributions from many of the UK's most distinguished mediators...I respectfully suggest that “masterpiece” is an inadequate description of this truly extraordinary book.” –  Hew Dundas,

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