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Mediation: An A-Z Guide

By: Stephen Walker
Media of Mediation: An A-Z Guide
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Published: 26-10-2016
Format: EPUB eBook (?)
Edition: 1st
Extent: 200
ISBN: 9781780439983
Imprint: Bloomsbury Professional
RRP : £26.10

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About Mediation: An A-Z Guide

Don't know your BATNA from your WATNA from your ZOPA? Think PATNA is a type of rice? Not sure what Cellar Blindness is? Or what FDRs/DI Ps/ LIPs are? Mediation: An A-Z Guide tells you, distilling practical information, informed comment and useful advice and tips. Over 500 entries provide curated information on practical mediation topics guiding you through the thicket of mediation jargon.

Mediation: An A-Z Guide ensures you have no need to feel nervous about mediation because you:
will understand what is being said
will have the knowledge and confidence to use the buzz words

Whether you are a mediator, a representative, a client, a lawyer or a nonlawyer you will find what you are looking for.

Portable and practical and with an easy-to-read, punchy style and user-friendly format this is more than just a dictionary. Entries follow the same pattern:
Topic Heading
In practice – bullet points nail the everyday application of the topic
See also – for internal cross references
Follow up – for further sources

Table Of Contents

Alphabetical Entries
Further Reading
Useful Links


“There are many myths about mediation that this book dispels clearly and succinctly...In a crowded market, you should buy this invaluable book because it explains concepts and jargon in non-academic language...This book will prepare you in this fast-changing world to mediate your dispute using your telephone or laptop without leaving your desk and, if you prefer, from anywhere in the world.” –  Rebecca Attree, The Law Society Gazette

“It is very readable in a 'pick up and flick through' way...a very useful reminder of the many and often useful approaches to mediation and the terminology is evident that Stephen Walker is very passionate about the process of mediation and ADR and athough some of the content may be seen to be subjective...he is generally near the mark with the comments following the references I was treated to more than I was expecting!...I can certainly see it being a useful addition to the bookshelf of those who might find themselves involved in or needing to know about mediation or ADR.” –  Sue Bayram QDR MAE, The Expert and Dispute Resolver, Vol 22 No 1

“...a comprehensive mixture of information and advice from the theoretical to the practical...browse, dip in, use as a reference book and a stimulus to further thought. These would all be good ways to make the most of what is a very interesting and informative book.” –  Jane Fender-Allison, Civil Engineering Surveyor

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